Delivering the right medical stock in the right location is imperative. Yet even large hospitals may have erratic order patterns which risk timely fulfillment. Orders may not initiate on time, squeezing the picking and delivery end. What’s the remedy? A flexible and responsive 3PL and forwarder that can fill the bill.

Medical suppliers turn to Now 365 for flexible, tailored medical fulfillment solutions. With over 15 years of serving New Zealand and global hospital suppliers and manufacturers as well as the broader healthcare industry, we understand your challenges. Your customers are unique and range from Departments of Health and not-for-profit private hospitals under long-term tendered contracts to nursing homes and global pharmaceutical companies.

Now365 medical logistics

  • We pride ourselves on our knowledge of customer’s products and handle them with utmost care.
  • We provide proactive advice to your customer’s purchasing officers at hospitals regarding best practices in how to consolidate orders to minimise daily administration and to maximise the efficiency of the entire order process.

Distribution and handling

  • Safe, secure facilities for handling of medical and surgical goods
  • Australian domestic warehouse facilities are strategically located near major roadways
  • Fast order processing and deliveries in key metro areas


  • Latest warehouse management system (WMS) technology synchronised with our freight and logistics software
  • Our WebTracking system, integrated seamlessly with our WMS, provides you with real-time, 24/7 status of your orders, tracking and inventory levels

Order fulfilment services

  • Receiving and barcoding
  • Labeling, kitting and assembly
  • Pick, pack and distribution

Now365 automotive logistics

  • End-to-end supply chain management services
  • Customs consulting services include coordination with Customs and other regulatory agencies
  • Review your existing automotive customs clearance and logistics processes for improvements
  • Audit your past imports for tariff concession orders or FTA availability

Supply Chain Management

  • Determine most effective transportation and distribution options for vehicles and parts from port to dealer or port to warehouse
  • Daily and monthly financial reports and analysis
  • Electronic funds transfer for duty payments
  • Landed into-store costing capabilities

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