Shortened shelf life of retail products, from fashion to the latest toy, and unpredictable swings in consumer demand, can make forecasting and planning difficult. You face cost pressures from retailers to keep prices low. More SKUs add complexity as does the urgency to meet your retailer customer’s requirements with the goal to provide a superior shopping experience for consumers, regardless of channel.

Multi-channel with Now365

With us on your side, your supply chain will be better matched to its unique demand environment. You will also meet retailer compliance requirements, helping you avoid penalties for late deliveries. We manage all modes of transport, even suggesting better ways to do things. Multiple distribution channels are no problem given our seasoned distribution and forwarding capabilities throughout New Zealand and beyond.

Our consumer goods solutions include:

Integrate supply and demand

  • IT systems provide transparency into inventory levels, including purchase order (PO) management and shipment management capabilities that determine when needed stock will be replenished

Cost control

  • Receive preferential duty rates, tariff concessions and assistance with classifying and re-classifying your imports with our expert customs consultancy
  • Improve your forecasting and cost control with our landed costing tool that monitors expected and real landed cost per SKU
  • Supply chain segmentation to achieve the best results suited to your particular products, product categories and supply chain strategy whether push, pull or combination

Now365 automotive logistics

  • End-to-end supply chain management services
  • Customs consulting services include coordination with Customs and other regulatory agencies
  • Review your existing automotive customs clearance and logistics processes for improvements
  • Audit your past imports for tariff concession orders or FTA availability

Supply Chain Management

  • Determine most effective transportation and distribution options for vehicles and parts from port to dealer or port to warehouse
  • Daily and monthly financial reports and analysis
  • Electronic funds transfer for duty payments
  • Landed into-store costing capabilities

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