Automobile, truck and motorbike manufacturers and distributors alike must follow strict regulations around importing vehicles into New Zealand. For your supply chain to run smoothly and comply with regulatory process, it demands significant coordination and preparation. What steps are required to import vehicles? How does the customs clearance process work? How does the LTSA inspections work?

Turn to the automotive logistics experts at Now365 for assistance in establishing or overhauling your automotive supply chain. We understand the extensive preparation required to import autos, including new vehicle models, into New Zealand and provide Customs related services as well as IT and distribution solutions.

Now365 automotive logistics

  • End-to-end supply chain management services
  • Customs consulting services include coordination with Customs and other regulatory agencies
  • Review your existing automotive customs clearance and logistics processes for improvements
  • Audit your past imports for tariff concession orders or FTA availability

Supply Chain Management

  • Determine most effective transportation and distribution options for vehicles and parts from port to dealer or port to warehouse
  • Daily and monthly financial reports and analysis
  • Electronic funds transfer for duty payments
  • Landed into-store costing capabilities

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